“Hollybrook is an amazing school, we love the hard work” Year 5 pupil

School Uniform

Children at Hollybrook Junior School take pride in their appearance at all times. Children wear their uniform smartly and keep it on all day. They arrive in the morning and leave school at home time wearing their school uniform and with the required kit.

School uniforms can be purchased from Skoolkit at either their Totton or Eastleigh branches. Alternatively you can contact them directly at

The School Uniform and kit

  • Polo shirts – White (with or without School Logo)
  • Shirts and blouses – White (with or without School Logo)
  • Trousers – Grey/Black
  • Shorts – Grey/Black
  • Skirts – Grey/Black
  • Pinafore dresses – Grey/Black
  • Jumpers/Sweatshirts/Cardigans – Red (with or without school logo)
  • Shoes – Black
  • P.E. shorts/skirt – Black
  • Joggers (cold weather) – Black
  • P.E. T-shirt – Red with school logo

Children will not customise the school uniform; over accessorise the uniform; colour their hair; wear temporary tattoos. If children have a pierced ear they should wear a plain stud and remove it or cover it with tape for P.E. lessons.

"Hollybrook is a wonderful place because everyone looks after each other." Year 6 pupil