Sunday 17th January 2021


Governing Staff
Headteacher Ms M Dobson
Chair of Governors Mr N Reichelt
Co-Vice Chair of Governors / Chair of Standards Committee Mrs D Ricks          
Co-Vice Chair of Governors / Chair of Finance Committee Mr B Ganapathisubramani
Safeguarding / Parent Governor Mrs C Homan
Staff Governor Mrs L Alderslade
Staff Governor Miss A Parker
Parent Governor Mr M Torbati
Parent Governor Ms G Morgan
Parent Governor Mr I Pennal
Parent Governor Ms S Xu
Governor Mrs H Hayter
Governor Mrs S Jones
Clerk to the Governors Miss R Barkhuysen

The Governors reformed as a joint Governing Body over Hollybrook Infant and Junior Schools in September 2015. The Governors work closely with the Headteacher across the two schools, and all staff in order to ensure that the schools run smoothly and successfully. The Board of Governors meet twice a term with sub committees meeting at least half termly. It is involved in the management of the Curriculum, Staffing, Finance, Health/Safety and Buildings/Grounds.

Governors play a vital role in the running of the schools as they work directly with the Headteacher and her team. They have a range of powers, legal duties and obligations but in the main these are to:-

  • Set the strategic framework within which the schools operate
  • Ensure that the standard of education is constantly improving by monitoring, reviewing and setting high standards
  • Ensure there is good financial control within the schools, enabling the funding to be spent in the most appropriate areas to enable the children to develop
  • Develop and approve policies
  • Aid in staff recruitment and retention

The Board achieves this by regular meetings and also individual governors will meet with relevant staff and parents - for example at the Parent Forum Group - to ensure that specific issues are monitored and actioned. Notes of the full Governing Body and Commitee meetings will be held in the infant school's office if you would like to view them.

As a Board we are very keen to have feedback from Parents and the Community. This can be done in a number of ways:-

  • Particular issues concerning your child should be raised with their teacher in the first instance
  • Issues around the day to day running of the school should be directed to the Head Teacher or through the Parent Forum - this can be done through attending the meetings or emailing
  • If you wish to raise something with the Governors please email or contact the appropriate school office
  • Formally register your views on the Ofsted Website Parent View which can be found at