Sunday 17th January 2021


What is eSafety?

eSafety covers issues relating to children and young people and their safe use of the Internet, mobile phones and other electronic communications technologies, both in and out of school. It includes education on risks and responsibilities and is part of the ‘duty of care’ which applies to everyone working with children. At Hollybrook Junior School we take pride in nurturing and safeguarding our children; we aim to share effective practice and provide proactive advice for all members of our school community.

What are our aims?

At Hollybrook Junior School, the aims of eSafety are defined as follows:

  • To safeguard children and young people in the digital world.
  • To learn about, understand and use new technologies in a positive way.
  • To educate children about the risks as well as the benefits of the internet so children can feel confident online.
  • To support children and young people develop safer online behaviours both in and out of school.

What do we do?

eSafety Agreement for children, parents and staff which details:

I.Photos/Videos permissions

II. Social Networking

III.Mobile Phones

IV. Acceptable use of Internet at school

V.School Blogs

  • An eSafety unit taught to all children at the start of each year, with the key themes addressed throughout the year as necessary
  • eSafety related resources and games are available through our school website
  • Parents’ meetings to discuss eSafety @ Hollybrook
  • Each staff member/pupil has a unique password protected account to log on to any computer in the school

eSafety resources and links

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